- Son of God
- Youth Pastor
- Heartsupport volunteer
- Far from perfect
- 24 from the great state of Iowa
- Galatians 2:20

"We were born.
Looking for love.
We find the anwer in the Savior’s blood.

We turn to You.
From distant places.
And find redemption in the journey back to You.

So we come.
Yes we run.
To Your great love.
To Your great love.”

So tonight I went to this prayer thing that a small group put on from our church. We kinda just let the Spirit lead. We prayed over everything from the Isis situation to personal stuff to our church as a whole. I shared how I’ve been struggling lately with lust, doubts and not feeling worthy. They then prayed over me and I lost it. I so needed that! A couple of them were actually parents of some of my students and they specifically thanked the Lord for me being the funny bone of the body at our church. I love my church! Sure I might be the only 24 year old at our church but I’m exactly where I need to be!

So this morning in Sunday school I asked my kids if they had ever heard the term “evangelism” before. Then I asked them what they thought it was and no joke, most of them thought it had to do with death. Very interesting. Is evangelism even a thing anymore or have we just switched to calling it making disciples?  

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ThatsWe became friends at Sonshine this summer, I saw her play an outside show before it too. She is like the coolest girl.

That’s awesome! Yeah she’s super cool! I got to talk to her for a little bit after the show about Cornerstone! They are all pretty much the coolest people on the planet! They stayed at my sister’s house with Comrades and Servants after the show and lets just say that was the most dope 24 hours of my life lol.