"Here’s our Christian position. Our Christian position is that we love and serve the world even if we disagree with them. So if I live next door to someone who lives a way of life I believe is unbiblical, their testimony about me would be, He disagrees with me, but, man, that dude loves me. He’s always inviting me over to the house. He knows what I like. He gives us gifts. He engages us. He respects us. He loves us. He doesn’t agree with us, but man, that dude loves us! One night I looked out, and he was just freakin’ mowing my lawn. I was like, “What are you doing?” “I’m mowing your lawn!” That’s how we live. We are the church, this new people, the church. The bride of Christ is the manifold wisdom of God becoming visible to the world around us."

— Matt Chandler, “A New People”